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I know you feel like you have tried everything, but feeling hopeless about sleep ends now. My name is Dr. Kimberly Lemke, and I take insomnia seriously. I have helped thousands of people just like you go from feeling exhausted, dreading their bed and feeling powerless to shutting off their thoughts at night  to feeling well restedfalling asleep and staying asleep and feeling energized in their lives!   



In Less Than 14 Minutes You Will Know the Secret to Falling Asleep and Staying Asleep


Answer the following questions about your sleep.. 

*Have you ever wished you could sleep better?

*Do you ever lay awake in bed and wish you could fall asleep?

*Have you ever woken up at the dreaded 3am hour, looked at your alarm clock and wondered how you were going to make it through yet another day without sleep?

*Have you ever woken up tired and exhausted after tossing and turning all night?

*Do you lay in bed watching the clock tick and calculating how many hours you have left to actually sleep?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions then you are only ONE click away from all of that changing. 


In This Course You Will Learn 

Hidden Sleep Culprits & How To Battle Fatigue Quickly & Effectively

In this course you will be able to identify hidden culprits that you never even knew were affecting your sleep. You will learn some surprising facts about foods that help us sleep better and those that make sleep worse. You will understand how caffeine and alcohol disrupt your sleep cycles and how it may be contributing to your fatigue. And you will learn simple and effective strategies that you can use anywhere when feeling fatigued.

How To Fall Asleep & Stay Asleep

In this course you will be able to distinguish sleepiness from fatigue and why it is so important to know the difference. You will be introduced to the very serious medical and life threatening condition sleep apnea and its associated symptoms. You will also be able to describe what a sleep balloon is and how it is KEY to managing your days to give you the best night's sleep. You will be able to identify why and how naps affect your sleep at night.

The Surprising Truth About Why We Dread Our Beds + The Number One Sleep Tool To Battle Insomnia 

In the Drift Course you will be able to explain why so many of us dread going to bed at night and ways to stop dreading sleep and actually look forward to it. You will learn the most important strategy that will surprise you on what you have to do when you are lying in your bed awake at night. (You really will not be able to battle insomnia without knowing this strategy!) Lastly, you will be able to identify what your "comfy place" is and design it to be your secret weapon for sleep.

Easy Strategies To Shut Off Your Brain At Night And Take Control Back Of Your Nighttime Thinking

You will learn what to do when your mind just won't shut off at night. You will be taught easy and fun strategies that will give you control back of your brain at night so you can finally get the sleep you have only dreamed about! You will learn about constructive worry and cognitive distraction and how to use them to fall asleep the moment your head hits the pillow.

Creating  Effective Bedtime Rituals And A Surprise Bonus Section To Help You Finally Master Your Sleep Problems

You will be able to construct a bedtime ritual with easy to use unique ideas that you can start using immediately. You will be taught how to reward yourself for sleep changes and how this system can keep you from falling back into your old sleep habits.  In this bonus section you will also be given the template to use for your rewards so you do not even have to think about it.  This will take you from learning how to sleep to mastering your sleep.

What Food & Drinks TO Avoid To Get The Most Effective Sleep

Often when we are having trouble sleeping, we need to look at the things that we are putting into our bodies. Some things that we are doing to “help” us fall asleep may be keeping us from getting the restful sleep that we so desire. With any significant diet changes you decide to make, please consult with your primary care physician. After you read through this information, fill out the Food and Drink Log and begin making changes that will help you sleep better tonight!

What People Who Have Tried Drift  Are Saying 

I have helped THOUSANDS of people in my office and in workshops all over the country gain control back of their sleep, thoughts and energy!

Don't take my word for it, take theirs...


About Dr. Kimberly Lemke

Dr. Kimberly Ann Lemke is a winner of the Prestigious 2020 Enterprising Women of the Year Award. She is a licensed child/adolescent & adult clinical psychologist and trained in CBT-I for insomnia. Dr. Lemke is also a Certified Sleep Science Coach and creator of the online sleep course: Drift. She serves many corporate clients by providing sleep, stress and other wellness workshops and programs to help minimize fatigue and burnout. Dr. Lemke also serves as an executive coach to help professionals maximize their potential both personally and professionally. She has written and delivered many professional workshops and is noted as a dynamic public speaker. Dr. Lemke also serves as a 10-41 Advocate for Emergency responders.

Dr. Lemke has been quoted in numerous articles and has conducted multiple TV, radio & other media interviews. In addition to sleep and stress, she has expertise with a wide range of diagnoses and specializes in her individual patient work with anxiety, OCD, depression, adjustment issues and relationship/parenting struggles. Dr. Lemke empowers clients by utilizing effective and research based methods.



What's Included In The Drift Sleep Course

  • An interactive workbook to make it even easier to get quick sleep results. (Drink & Food Log, Nighttime Routine Checklist, Sleep Balloon, etc.)

  • How to fall asleep and stay asleep.
  • How to battle fatigue quickly and effectively.
  •  The surprising truth about why we dread our beds.
  • The number one sleep tool to battle insomnia.
  • Easy strategies to shut off your brain at night
  • How to take control back of your nighttime thinking.
  • Creating effective bedtime rituals.

Corporate Speaking Services & Sleep and Burnout Workshops

Your business cannot afford to ignore how poor sleep affects your company. Addressing sleep within your organization has far reaching implications...


What To Eat To

Get To Sleep 

Often when we are having trouble sleeping, we need to look at the things that we are putting into our bodies. 

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