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Drift takes your insomnia seriously.  It has already helped thousands of people quickly move from being anxious about sleeping to feeling relaxed and finally in control of their days and nights.

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So many people suffer from bouts of insomnia and are desperate for relief. It is debilitating and sometimes we believe that we will never sleep again. We also believe that we are suffering alone or have tried everything that is out there.

That got me thinking...

How about creating a simple and effective sleep program that would teach you how to sleep so that you no longer had to worry about going to bed at night, being fatigued in the morning or feeling helpless to your mind not being able to shut off?

Drift takes your insomnia seriously. It has already helped thousands of people quickly move from being anxious about sleeping to feeling relaxed and finally in control of their days and nights.



About Dr. Lemke


Dr. Kimberly Ann Lemke is a winner of the Prestigious 2020 Enterprising Women of the Year Award. She is a licensed child/adolescent & adult clinical psychologist and trained in CBT-I for insomnia. Dr. Lemke is also a Certified Sleep Science Coach and creator of the online sleep course: Drift. She is a keynote speaker and serves many corporate clients by providing sleep, stress and other wellness workshops and programs to help minimize fatigue and burnout. Dr. Lemke also serves as an executive coach to help professionals maximize their potential both personally and professionally.

She has written and delivered many professional workshops and is noted as a dynamic public speaker. Dr. Lemke has been quoted in numerous articles and has conducted multiple TV, radio & other media interviews. In addition to sleep and stress, she has expertise with a wide range of diagnoses and specializes in her individual patient work with anxiety, OCD, depression, adjustment issues and relationship/parenting struggles. Dr. Lemke empowers clients by utilizing effective and research based methods.

Dr. Lemke earned her master’s & doctorate degrees in clinical psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology/Argosy University, Chicago Campus, in 2004. She has worked in multiple settings, including hospital settings and as the director of a behavioral/emotional school. Dr. Lemke is also the author of the charming and treasured children's book, "I Just Don't Get My Parents' Rules!" .

Dr. Lemke was appointed and served as the Chair of Continuing Education for The Illinois Psychological Association. She was appointed to the mental health board for a local township where she served as their Secretary and President of their Planning Committee. Dr. Lemke also wrote and developed Watch O.U.T for Bullying, a school-based violence prevention/intervention program focused on decreasing bullying and teasing in schools, and she coauthored T.H.I.N.K. Bully Proof as a training protocol for organizational and workplace bullying.

Dr. Lemke currently volunteers as a member of the Disaster Action Team and The Mental Health Disaster Team for The American Red Cross. She taught psychology at a local college and consults with area hospitals on mental health issues. Dr. Lemke is also a consultant for postpartum depression groups.


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